Aava Browser

Aava Browser is a fully functional tabbed web browser. It's the most native way to use the Aava Network, and it effectively detaches the network from the rest of the world wide web.

Due to demand, Aava can be used on the classic world wide web as well, which is most likely where you are reading this right now. But many of Aava's benefits can't be achieved this way (more information in the whitepaper).

This version of the software is still very recent and not digitally signed, so your current browser might give you a false warning of untrusted content when initiating the download.

Compile it yourself:
Luckily, Aava Browser is FOSS (free open-source software). This means that instead of downloading the executable, you can also compile your own in Python, using the source code:
Aava Browser 0.4 source
Required libraries: PyQt5, PyQtWebEngine, keyboard
The code will need the graphics files and a couple of folders to run, which are included in this zip file: data.zip
You also need to manually create a folder named "downloads" in the root directory. That's the default location for downloads.
That's it!