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Aava center:

Page name: List of deceptive web elements
Description: List of web design elements that are designed to target the user's psychology in a harmful way. These elements are also known as "dark patterns". Aava prohibits their use.
Url: /center/webelements

Page name: Whitepaper
Description: Thorough explanation on what Aava is and why you should use it.
Url: /center/whitepaper

Page name: List of Aava pages
Description: List of available Aava pages and claimed addresses.
Url: /center/pagelist

Page name: Aava Browser
Description: Aava Browser downloads and source code, as well as information on the software.
Url: /center/browser


Page name: Scientific data
Description: A databank containing data from real scientific experiments. You can freely use the information here in your own studies and projects.
Url: /edu/scidata

Page name: Digital Encyclopedias
Description: Free encyclopedias of information, downloadable for offline use.
Url: /edu/wikis/

Page name: Aava Library
Description: A digital library of scanned books.
Url: /edu/library

Page name: Scientific Calculator
Description: A calculator that you can use in your browser. Developed collectively.
Url: /edu/calc


Page name: Short videos
Description: A short video platform that won't ruin your attention span.
Url: /media/vids

Page name: Images
Description: Aava's common image gallery. You can create your own folder and upload your own images from your profile.
Url: /media/gallery

Page name: Music
Description: A collection of music. Listen to what others have uploaded, or upload mp3's of your own.
Url: /media/mp3

Page name: Software
Description: Pages that contain software and apps for different operating systems.
Url: /media/apps

Page name: Flash animations
Description: Archive of classic flash animations and games from the early 2000's.
Url: /media/flash

Page name: Aava Arcade
Description: Original games you won't find anywhere else.
Url: /media/arcade


Page name: Johan's Homepage
Description: Johan's personal homepage. An example page.
Url: /users/johan

Page name: Spider's Columns
Description: Columns and other ramblings, mostly about the state of our society and the human condition.
Url: /users/spider

Page name: KNIFE LIFE
Description: A manga style webcomic about folding knives and antique furniture.
Url: /users/knifelife/


Page name: Night Cafe
Description: A small and cozy imageboard for comfy nightposting.
Url: /tribes/nightcafe

Page name: Aava Shoutboard
Description: Having difficulties using Aava? Shout into the void here.
Url: /tribes/shout