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Essential Software for Windows

This is an archive of essential software for different versions of the Microsoft Windows operating system. Right click on the file link to download.

Windows 3.1
Morecon, 1992 - More Control gives the user more options in the Windows control panel. By Sloop Software.
Lview31, 1993 - A program for viewing image files. Made by Leonardo Haddad Loureiro.
Wolfenstein 3D, 1992 - A classic first-person shooter game for DOS. Particularly developed for its time. Features cartoon violence.
WinZip 6.2 - A program for compressing and decompressing files.

Windows 95/98
DirectX 7
Macromedia Flash Player 8 - Plugin for playing Flash animations in a web browser like Netscape, for instance.
WinZip 8.0