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File: 1676140275099.jpg–(43.99KB, 960x960, ree.jpg)
No.105  [Reply]
You know what irritates me? Artificial sweeteners.
They're in absolutely everything. Now even regular Pepsi is partially sweetened with aspartame.

People seem to love this because they wanna stay skinny, but I'm pretty sure we'll all get bowel cancer in the future from all the chemicals.

File: 1675268524357.jpg–(246.62KB, 1024x768, 1671893829921748.jpg)
No.68  [Reply]
Post AI generated pics. Preferrably without badly drawn hands.
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¨ No.70
1675268839105.png–(400.63KB, 760x1365, 1671530286804930.png)
Is AI a threat to traditional art, or a new possibility?
What I think is that there's no putting the genie back in the bottle and people will quickly adapt.
The problem is that big corporations might try to ban AI tech from consumers and keep it for themselves.
¨ No.71
1675786581935.png–(1.08MB, 720x1024, 1673788806610618.png)
People seem to only make girls and booba.
¨ No.103
1676140037490.png–(912.32KB, 720x960, 1673782817816468.png)

File: 1676010993681.jpg–(68.02KB, 873x848, 4i74wutkmn1a1.jpg)
No.100  [Reply]

File: 1675889099754.jpg–(232.47KB, 856x1200, The_Battle_at_Lake_Changjin.jpg)
No.87  [Reply]
Finally watched this film, I don't get what the outrage was about. Most accurate Korean war film I've seen, and it made the Americans look surprisingly cool, while still keeping them as the villains. Highly recommend watching it if you like war films, the effects are decent and the scale is huge, plus it has a decent story
¨ No.88
Peep Show, the best British comedy ever made.
Nip Tuck, cool drama about plastic surgeons.
Breaking Bad, unironically.
¨ No.98
I just watched the squeal and it was not bad, but no where near as good. Though it did have it's moments. Would still recommend

File: 1675000795506.jpg–(707.63KB, 1986x1258, nixie.jpg)
No.52  [Reply]
Post a gadget you want to own.

I'll start with the "Steins;Gate" clock. In reality it's a clock made of Nixie tubes.
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¨ No.54
1675002092417.jpg–(112.50KB, 720x480, ferrari.jpg)
I used to dream of sports cars every day until I realized they most likely wouldn't give me peace of mind. It's just stuff, mate.
¨ No.76  >>83
1675884245159.jpg–(120.28KB, 800x600, mdt-9100.jpg)
I want one of these old cop car data terminals, would be neat to have on my desk showing email and IM notifications.
(Unrealistically, I'd also like a Delorian DMC-12 to install it in.)
¨ No.83
Looks cool m8. I want IBM 5100.

File: 1675013242900.jpg–(296.56KB, 2704x2028, 1639plush.jpg)
No.55  [Reply]  >>77
>collectible badges

4chan users absolutely hate the concept behind this board. Gotta love it.
¨ No.56
The harder a board is to access, the more worthwhile the userbase will be, I think.
¨ No.77
You just made into a forum
Congrats now its reddit.com
¨ No.82
Reminder that casinoanons wont get badges

File: 1675884695698.jpg–(23.93KB, 413x418, Cirnopost.jpg)
No.80  [Reply]
Am I know an originalfag?

Embed: YOURE WINNER–(YouTube)
No.78  [Reply]
gambling win
¨ No.79
Twitch.tv is better

File: 1674839457570.jpg–(25.75KB, 668x376, comfybed.jpg)
No.3  [Reply]  >>45
In this thread we comfymaxx.
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¨ No.62
1675092945491.jpg–(146.40KB, 1226x768, comfy.jpg)

¨ No.63
1675093111790.jpg–(104.20KB, 800x533, abandoned-kelenfold-power-station-budapest-hungary)

¨ No.64
1675093145262.jpg–(618.09KB, 1351x1910, btukm.jpg)

File: 1674840679894.png–(586.88KB, 671x503, safe.png)
No.14  [Reply]
Post wholesome animals.

This rat is safe from behavioral data harvesting.
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¨ No.26
1674856268836.jpg–(74.38KB, 720x702, catwine.jpg)

¨ No.27
1674856336572.jpg–(49.02KB, 720x694, catbored.jpg)

¨ No.28
You can't touch dogg because it's Japanese?

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