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File: 1674839365321.jpg–(468.06KB, 1480x2048, opm.jpg)
No.1  >>19, >>20, >>121, >>123
What's your favorite anime/manga?

Mine is probably One Punch Man.
¨ No.2  >>21, >>22, >>25
>make a parody of shounen
>becomes cornerstone shounen
¨ No.6  >>18
1674839893973.jpg–(46.18KB, 474x800, suiren.jpg)
¨ No.18  >>19
1674840896029.png–(515.27KB, 554x903, 1542395238.png)
Lana is cute.
¨ No.19  >>20
1674849493683.png–(436.46KB, 618x379, 1614948850574.png)
What about Lillie though?
¨ No.20  >>21
1674849886298.jpg–(96.27KB, 724x808, islandgirl.jpg)
I raise you a Mallow.
¨ No.21  >>22
1674851312795.gif–(480.72KB, 200x225, proxy.duckduckgo.com.gif)
¨ No.22
1674851668515.png–(230.07KB, 692x610, funnyface.png)
¨ No.24  >>25
Kind of ashamed to admit Edens Zero on Netflix is one of my favorite animes.
¨ No.25
It was very good, better than Fairy Tail actually.
¨ No.65
1675093193929.jpg–(339.01KB, 1066x1600, fubukipic.jpg)

¨ No.66
1675093252402.jpg–(377.22KB, 1280x1784, Fubuki-1280x1784.jpg)
Gotta respect Yusuke Murata. These characters are very well drawn.
¨ No.74
My favorite is Fire Punch
¨ No.102
1676139960548.jpg–(61.95KB, 600x338, get in the time machine RIN RIN.jpg)
Rewatching Steins;Gate right now, drinking Dr Pepper.
This anime is exceedingly kino.
¨ No.120  >>121, >>123
1678709460959.png–(744.57KB, 725x1090, aava-testing.png)
i like monster :3
¨ No.121
This anime is unironically a big part of my life. I've seen it several times and I might rewatch it once again.
Nina is waifu.
¨ No.123
1678744775836.png–(1.18MB, 1144x922, yohan.png)
¨ No.129
1681303838087.jpg–(844.75KB, 1796x1916, tatu.jpg)

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