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File: 1675845765623.jpg–(186.39KB, 1124x628, casino.jpg)
No.72 Stickied  [Reply]
If you want to post on this imageboard without an Aava account, you can do so by winning 10 000 points on the Night Cafe casino:


Please note that if you restart the game, you'll lose your points.
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¨ No.107  >>111
use the reddit system it is far more superior
¨ No.111
I dont use reddit so I dunno what their system is.
¨ No.137
Url has changed to


File: 1674839875262.png–(209.84KB, 500x500, avoiding.png)
No.5  [Reply]  >>12, >>81
We're going extinct because of the Internet.

I'm not even exaggerating, the effects of fast dopamine are worse than you think. Everyone in the world is getting stress, and their attention spans are plummeting.
People think they know how dangerous Tiktok and Facebook are, but it's a lot worse: we're slowly going extinct.
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¨ No.134  >>136
>Human adaptation at its finest.
True. It's big enough to be misidentified as fact of life rather than fact of situation.

>What will be the endgame of this?
Complete control followed by complete exhaustion followed by complete decay.

>Finland has already sold its electric grid to foreign companies.
And ground water reserves. Nestle I believe officially owns a large cut of Finnish ground water thanks to a deal behind the scenes when there was some big theatrics going on in mass media. It was around the time of the immigration crisis, perhaps earlier, but it was conveniently timed to escape notice and any attempt at coverage was downplayed if not outright stopped. It's a shame I don't remember the name of the contract or what year it took place and Google is about as helpful as can be expected.
¨ No.135
I mean if you ask a banker what the endgame is, they'll say growth, in the manic belief that growth is exponential and infinitely sustainable.
¨ No.136
I remember the Nestle water wars. Did some contract actually happen?

File: 1674839365321.jpg–(468.06KB, 1480x2048, opm.jpg)
No.1  [Reply]  >>19, >>20, >>121, >>123
What's your favorite anime/manga?

Mine is probably One Punch Man.
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¨ No.121
This anime is unironically a big part of my life. I've seen it several times and I might rewatch it once again.
Nina is waifu.
¨ No.123
1678744775836.png–(1.18MB, 1144x922, yohan.png)
¨ No.129
1681303838087.jpg–(844.75KB, 1796x1916, tatu.jpg)

File: 1681301422419.jpg–(130.99KB, 514x896, phoneposting.jpg)
No.128  [Reply]
I've noticed a few people have tried making their own website on Aava.

They've all just registered a site but left it blank, no HTML files have been uploaded.
What's up? Did you guys just give up or was there some problem with the uploader? It works fine for me. When something doesn't work, people have a tendency to just give up instead of reporting bugs.

File: 1678148956713.png–(658.06KB, 5000x5243, 1083308__safe_artist-colon-moonbrony_lyra+heartstr)
No.113  [Reply]  >>114
everypony, everypony!
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¨ No.122  >>124
1678744695547.png–(27.63KB, 346x104, rainbowdash.png)
Some people claim Rainbow Dash likes girls. But how do they know? What right do they have to say that?
¨ No.124  >>127
1678913675857.jpg–(154.46KB, 1072x1064, 2315307__suggestive_rainbow+dash_solo_female_pony_)
She hates that rumor and talks about dicks nonstop to make people think it's not true.
¨ No.127
That is good, anon. She's waifu material.

File: 1675884217176.jpg–(187.11KB, 1440x1800, chomper.jpg)
No.75  [Reply]
Human Rights
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¨ No.94
OP's post is somehow comfy. That shark is comfy.
¨ No.125
1679262504294.jpg–(123.75KB, 720x715, 1678314908786349.jpg)
This is my first post on Night Cafe and my first contribution to the Aava network.

I love trans people!
¨ No.126
Is this some reference to Aava's pastel color scheme?

File: 1677242113974.jpg–(28.88KB, 720x720, 16z9nr8hlhjau.jpg)
No.109  [Reply]
Reddit won get over it
¨ No.112
Why did u make two threads about this?

File: 1675976386956.png–(469.54KB, 605x605, bruh.png)
No.99  [Reply]
Motherfucker where is my post
¨ No.101  >>110
Tbh it looked like spam, had some weird language all over it
¨ No.110
>what is translation

File: 1677242068624.jpg–(226.78KB, 720x720, u6z9nr8hlhja1.jpg)
No.108  [Reply]

File: 1676312390466.jpg–(514.85KB, 1849x1920, 1670494005355.jpg)
No.106  [Reply]
There are many simultaneous dynamics that are mass-creating incel men. One is dating apps.

An average-looking woman gets a hundred matches per day. Her looksmatch male gets zero. Personally I've gotten one match in the last 10 months. People ignore my theories because it's easier to blurt something like "you're not attractive" or "your profile text is shit".
Today my theory was proven on tv. I was right and everyone else was wrong, as usual. They literally confirmed this on Finnish television: women get matches, men dont.

People have stopped dating in the real world and live inside smartphones where companies can control human mating directly. If you find a girl on there and stop using the app, the company loses money. It's in their interest to keep you using it for as many years as possible. This is why they shadowban male users by default. If you buy a gold account, you get something close to regular visibility, and even then you're looking for a needle in a haystack. Every male in the world should uninstall all their dating apps right now. But you won't. You're desperate and willing to try everything, and that's exactly what keeps this conspiracy going. We've already accepted a world where a rigged algorithm hinders our mating. Uninstall Hinder today.

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