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File: 1678148956713.png–(658.06KB, 5000x5243, 1083308__safe_artist-colon-moonbrony_lyra+heartstr)
No.113  >>114
everypony, everypony!
¨ No.114  >>115
Could you provide more information? What do you like about ponies, and what are your hopes for this thread?
¨ No.115  >>116
1678208899350.png–(98.97KB, 927x1017, 2557645.png)
>What do you like about ponies
Their cute manes and boopable noses, their scritchable bellies, their vibrant snowpities, the way they walk, the way they talk...
Also it's a good show. (The first two seasons at least)
>what are your hopes for this thread?
To be a place where any other pony fans can post about them! It ain't an imageboard unless there's a pony thread up on it!
¨ No.116  >>117
That's quite a flirty pic, anon.
¨ No.117  >>118
1678487415568.png–(1.15MB, 1920x1080, 1713540__safe_derpibooru+import_screencap_twilight)
*whinnies seductively*
¨ No.118  >>119
1678524738583.png–(496.80KB, 986x924, mayushii2.png)
This is a family safe board, anon.
¨ No.119  >>122
1678662756045.png–(1.25MB, 7496x5464, 2074718__editor+needed_safe_artist-colon-andoanima)
Looks like a red board to me, and I don't see, well, any rules at all.
¨ No.122  >>124
1678744695547.png–(27.63KB, 346x104, rainbowdash.png)
Some people claim Rainbow Dash likes girls. But how do they know? What right do they have to say that?
¨ No.124  >>127
1678913675857.jpg–(154.46KB, 1072x1064, 2315307__suggestive_rainbow+dash_solo_female_pony_)
She hates that rumor and talks about dicks nonstop to make people think it's not true.
¨ No.127
That is good, anon. She's waifu material.

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