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File: 1674839875262.png–(209.84KB, 500x500, avoiding.png)
No.5  >>12, >>81
We're going extinct because of the Internet.

I'm not even exaggerating, the effects of fast dopamine are worse than you think. Everyone in the world is getting stress, and their attention spans are plummeting.
People think they know how dangerous Tiktok and Facebook are, but it's a lot worse: we're slowly going extinct.
¨ No.7
>make a post on 4chan that isn't 2 sentences long
>90% of people skip it because they predict that the effort to dopamine ratio of reading it is not high enough
¨ No.8  >>95
1674840038185.jpg–(66.93KB, 720x707, digitalculture.jpg)
Not extinct, just dumbed down.
¨ No.11
Every year people are more forgetful and get more brainfog.

I've noticed that high-volume eBay sellers no longer remember to ship my orders.
Never happened in the past but it's started happening regularly now. They literally just take my money and forget to ship, and I need to send them a dm a week later.

Online entertainment single-handedly made humans like this.
¨ No.12
1674840355424.jpg–(160.43KB, 1344x844, dataharvesting.jpg)
Your average person doesn't even care. They don't even think their data is that valuable.

Phase 1 is gathering all the behavioral data of every person, by luring them in with funny videos and attention from other users.

Phase 2 is using that data to predict how long these individuals will live, what their potential in society is, what career paths they can realistically pursue, and if they should reproduce or not. This data can be used to prevent certain people from pursuing careers where they're not likely to succeed. It's not far-fetched to think that an AI will decide what we do for work in the future. "Do what you want to do" is sadly not a viable model for the future where jobs are scarce.

Phase 3 is people finally realizing what behavioral data was used for, and them being ashamed for giving it up in exchange for online entertainment that wasn't really even that great. That's a bargain, for something that's worth more than gold. And the joke is that the entertainment was created by other victims of Big Tech, not even Big Tech themselves.
¨ No.51  >>81
View and sub counts are something that depresses me on a daily basis.

When I was young, just getting 1 view was a big deal. Nobody expected to get any money out of their content.
But these days people have been conditioned into thinking 10k subs means absolutely nothing. 1 mil views means nothing. Creating content without getting paid is pointless.
Even people I know IRL are always fighting to get views for their Instagram account and advertising it everywhere. I can't understand it.
¨ No.81  >>95
Yeah I can't believe how anyone can be upset about that. I mean at least 1 person took time out of their day to listen to you. I'd be happy just to get a few views. The internet has made people a bunch of pretentious snobs
¨ No.95
1675933865487.png–(43.23KB, 1620x502, youzoomers.png)
I know m8.
¨ No.104
I like how Aava's policies could potentially save the entire world wide web from being so shit and take us back to the golden 2000's, but nobody cares. People dont seem to have enough incentive to use Aava Network.
¨ No.130
I am here. Can we stop doomposting now?
¨ No.131
Imma put on my tinfoil hat for a moment and say there are potential, unverifiable patterns there that, if not support, then at least don't disprove your idea. It's convenient as a means of control in more than that aspect too. It's also another strand in the web of distractions, designed to keep people detached from reality, to cement them deeper into their throne of comfort. We are sold this idea of individual merit and purpose at a young age, and almost every person is implanted with the idea that they're special, that they're the protagonist of life and that life itself is a game of success and failure, and that big numbers means you're winning this vague, intangible and ultimately false race.

Bloating a person's ego this early on inhibits them from learning that healthy suspicion and personal perspective that are truly human traits. Now, I must point out that as with all things, balance is key here as well. Personal perspective is what allows you to notice things, but it can, and often is, mistaken. After that intial programming, we're kept busy, first by law, then by financial necessity. "Education, homework, hobbies, work, work, work and taxes till you retire at which point you should honestly just die". It's gotten integrated into the culture as well. 'You're not worth shit if you don't work and earn money.' We're kept busy so we don't stop to consider the things around us.

Our lives are filled with frivolous entertainment and quick dopamine injections in between slavish work shifts to get money, or rather, receive the idea of money (because let's face it, money hasn't been tied to any real value in years, it's nothing but a means of speculation for exponential, uncontrollable growth, casino chips for those that keep leeching from us. Our lives are nothing but a game to those that control the money). All this so we couldn't see what we're doing to the world around us at their goading. It's always "me, me, me", "I want this", "I think...", "my opinion...", "my feelings...".

Another strand in the weave is privacy and the lie of security juxtaposed by imaginary threats. We're taught to be private, to isolate ourselves from others to a certain degree. Most western cultures harbor and nurture this innate jealousy. We're taught to hate our neighbour because he has a piece of paper that has a higher number of square metres to his name, or that his tool of transportation is more vibrant in colour than ours.

It's a brilliantly constructed means of manipulation. Waves upon waves of hardship and despair inflicted on us, the things that we should celebrate like the happiness of others turned to bitterness and resentment through our programmed self-isolation. We are part of this world, those around us are part of us themselves. We are one and we're made to hate those parts of us that aren't a direct extension of this particular flesh golem that this false idea of me pilots. All this bitterness is then balanced by an ever growing number of "the little things" that bring us momentary reprieve. In most cases it seems to result in ignorant wage slaves that are just looking for their next fix, the brightest turn to megalomaniacal projects that glorify their vanity, and in the system they are rewarded for it by big numbers and accalaim to their name, both of which are still nothing but lies to serve the reverse totalitarian elite that is the Rothschilds and Rockefellers, the central banks. For every concrete "achievement", they reap a greater profit, all through interest and debt.
¨ No.132  >>133
Now money itself, in its current state, is all debt. All of it is loaned from the banks at an interest rate. All money is something the banks obligate the nations loaning the money to pay back, with interest. At first, nations have credit to keep loaning money despite previous debt, this newly loaned money is then partly used to pay back that debt, leaving them with continually more and more debt. This practice was called usury in the 1600s and was an offense punishable by death. Today, interest is considered a norm for most if not all financial exchange.

As a nation's means of paying back the ever increasing debt is lessened with each cycle, eventually they have to resort to selling their natural resources, their land, their water, their oil at a bargain price to keep their credit score so they can keep getting more into debt, only at a slightly extended schedule. These resources, the necessities of life for a people, are then commoditised and forcibly put into circulation, unsustainably exploited and exhausted, often destroying the lands around the facilities in the process. We're polluting and raping the earth all at the behest of people who demand we give them numbers greater than what was given, and the unbelievable part is we all seem to be ok with this.
¨ No.133  >>134
>the unbelievable part is we all seem to be ok with this
Human adaptation at its finest.

>ever increasing debt
What will be the endgame of this? Finland has already sold its electric grid to foreign companies.
¨ No.134  >>136
>Human adaptation at its finest.
True. It's big enough to be misidentified as fact of life rather than fact of situation.

>What will be the endgame of this?
Complete control followed by complete exhaustion followed by complete decay.

>Finland has already sold its electric grid to foreign companies.
And ground water reserves. Nestle I believe officially owns a large cut of Finnish ground water thanks to a deal behind the scenes when there was some big theatrics going on in mass media. It was around the time of the immigration crisis, perhaps earlier, but it was conveniently timed to escape notice and any attempt at coverage was downplayed if not outright stopped. It's a shame I don't remember the name of the contract or what year it took place and Google is about as helpful as can be expected.
¨ No.135
I mean if you ask a banker what the endgame is, they'll say growth, in the manic belief that growth is exponential and infinitely sustainable.
¨ No.136
I remember the Nestle water wars. Did some contract actually happen?

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