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File: 1675845765623.jpg–(186.39KB, 1124x628, casino.jpg)
No.72 Stickied
If you want to post on this imageboard without an Aava account, you can do so by winning 10 000 points on the Night Cafe casino:


Please note that if you restart the game, you'll lose your points.
¨ No.73
¨ No.85
Testing to see if I can post, made an account.
¨ No.89  >>93
testing, got 100,000 points in 38 minutes
¨ No.93
That's amazing, anonie-chan.
¨ No.96
¨ No.97  >>107
Do you guys think I should develop the slot machine further and make more rewards, or keep it like that, as a curiosity for people who want to post anonymously?
As of right now, registered users dont gain anything from playing it, unless you genuinely enjoy it.
¨ No.107  >>111
use the reddit system it is far more superior
¨ No.111
I dont use reddit so I dunno what their system is.
¨ No.137
Url has changed to


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